Unique Wedding Slideshow

We interview your bridal party to create a wedding slideshow filled with their responses.

As Seen on The Knot

Traditional wedding slideshows are awful

Nobody cares what you looked like as a child — they've already seen it on Facebook. Instead, give your wedding guests an inside look at the people you've chosen to celebrate with on this day.


People will leave your wedding talking about the fun slideshow.


The funniest members of your friends and family.


A preview of your slideshow on Instagram before the wedding.

Example Slide

How You Met

Wedding guests get to learn who is in your bridal party.

Example Slide

Celebrity Comparisons

Find out who everybody thinks is your celebrity doppelgänger.

Example Slide

Song Dedications

Learn what song friends would choose for you.

Example Slide

Relationship Facts

The little things that make your relationship incredible.

Example Slide

Include Everybody

Friends & family who can't attend your wedding can still send their best.

Starting at $999

Slideshows take 3 months to coordinate, interview, revise, and create a final version. At the end of it, you'll receive:

  • Video slideshow in .mov format with approximately 100 different slides
  • Interviews with 10 people
  • Slide design sample with your wedding colors
  • :59 second promo video for Instagram
  • Slide manager to work with on slide ideas

Have this unique slideshow at your wedding before someone else

Reserve your wedding date with no money down. A slide manager will contact you within 24hrs to learn more about your wedding and discuss the slideshow with you.

Reserve My Slideshow

Finished slideshow does not contain music

Using copyrighted music would triple the price — and using non-copyrighted music just won't feel the same.

There's also the problem of plugging in the projector at the venue. Usually the projector and the DJ stand aren't next to each other. We recommend playing the slideshow and letting your DJ choose music over it. This way they can read the room and play music accordingly.

"It was hilarious and absolutely perfect for our big day!" - Ciara in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see a preview?

Yes! We'll do our best to make sure nobody said anything embarrassing, but we'll want you to take a look too.

Is it all automated?

No, each slideshow is a mini-movie to us, created by hand. We facilitate, edit, and look to pull the best parts of everybody's answers.

Can our dog be in it?

Yes, we love dogs. We can absolutely include some pictures of your dog in the slideshow.

Can't I do this myself?

You could, but you've got enough going on. Coordinating with everyone will be awful. Instead, let us take care of it so it doesn't interfere with everything else.

What if my friends don't want to?

If the whole group doesn't — then this probably isn't for you. If 1 or 2 people want to sit it out, we'll just refrain from emailing them.

Do I need a projector?

It would help — a lot. Most wedding venues should be able to help you with this. You can also email PMMG about renting one.